Monday, February 25, 2013

Picnic and a Walk at a Canyon on the Reservation

Mom and Dad had a chance to go on a picnic with Collier and the younger missionaries (Barrus and ____)
They traveled to a canyon on the reservation and after a picnic and a walk, they went home and visited a few families.
I received the following in the email from Mom's phone:
"We went up a canyon and had lunch with the elders and Collier.  We made a few visits when we got home.  Everyone here has at least 5 dogs that love visitors."
Great pic, Mom and Dad!
Going on a walk after the picnic lunch.  Seems funny for men in suits to be wandering out in the desert.  I imagine them hunting for aliens (MIB) or something really serious. 

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  1. The reason we had a picnic was because it was Sunday and we had gone to Socorro for stake conference. We went together and planned to go up the canyon for our lunch on the way home. It was the perfect sunny day! And P.S. it is Elder Lish. He has been out since about October and his dad passed away about a month ago.