Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Friends at Alamo Days

Shauntee Apachito all dressed up!

Tigger and baby sister Shivaya.

Charlotte and daughter Virginia and her daughter Edith on their family float.

Vera and Sage Baca after selling Navajo tacos all day.

More Alamo Indian Days

Missionaries in our booth.  Sister Clark, Sister Johnson, Elder Gibson and Elder Taylor.  People who stopped by our booth and filled out the survey would be entered into a drawing for a beautiful picture of Christ and a load of wood delivered by the Elders.  The sisters serve in Socorro which is about an hour away, but they are in our small district.

Alamo Indian Days

Elder Croft and Junior Secatero

Wood cutting contest.  Lee Tsosie is in the grey shirt holding the log.

I was doing a video clip of these dancers and a lady came and told me that the dancers might come and hit me with a stick if they see me taking their picture!