Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Housing Update by Sister Croft

Well, we have been here in Alamo for almost a month now.  It feels better now than then.  When we arrived on Saturday night we walked into a house that had no heat and no usable stove.  We found out a few days later that the fridge worked but never got below 50 degrees.  Thank goodness we had a small electric heater to keep us warm the first day or two.  We would sleep in the bedroom with the door closed and the heater on.  There is a wood burning stove but the pipe that connected to the ceiling was not connected.  So Monday morning we headed to Socorro which is about 60 miles away.  Thank goodness Elder Croft really is McGyver and he was able to fix the stove pipe and we were able to have a fire that night.  He had worked on the furnace but couldn't figure it out and was ready to call the furnace man.  The next morning he got up and said that he had not checked the thermostat.  That was the inspiration that was needed and we were able to get the furnace fixed.  He installed the thermostat and we've been relatively warm ever since.  We got a new stove and the land lady swapped out the warm fridge for one that is noisy but it keeps things cold!  We got a carpet cleaner and cleaned all the carpets and Scott installed towel racks in both bathrooms.  There were none.  It seems as though someone got really mad and went through and trashed the house.  There are three broken windows that are now taped up, a door is off its hinges (been put back on) and there are multiple holes in the walls.  But things are pretty comfortable now.  Can't complain!

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