Monday, February 25, 2013

Hauling Wood - a Croft Talent

February 16, 2013 (a little behind on the posts)
So of course Mom and Dad have been placed in the right mission. They spend quality time hauling wood. Many of you know that growing up in the Croft home meant that many Saturdays each year, no matter the season, would be spent hauling wood. Maybe it was because we just got a fresh batch of wood, maybe we were just moving one wood pile from a shed to another shed, or moving it closer to our house, or moving it further away from our house, or moving it from the inside of the garage to the outside of the garage, etc.

Mom says of that day, "We have two trailers and three chain saws with 8 people working to fill the trailers.  Collier made burritos with pork and red chilies and home made tortillas.  So good but so hot, my lips are still burning!"
The red hot chili pepper burrito

Elders working hard or hardly working?
Collier Nelson takes a break
Filling a trailer

Elder Barrus hauling wood
A load of wood to be proud of...

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  1. Looks like the truck was a good idea, I'm not sure the Jetta would have handled the load.