Monday, February 4, 2013

Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire

I keep picturing Dad as McGyver fixing and taping and tying and building as they move into their home in Alamo. Feel free to watch the first 40 seconds or so of this video and you'll get into the spirit of it! Mom and Dad went from staying at the Marriott while at the MTC to a newly rented apartment - which means they have some work to do to get it turned into a working missionary home. They have a good attitude and will soon be settled in to their new digs. This is why the post is called "Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire".  Luckily there wasn't a real fire and lots of fry bread instead. :)

So Mom and Dad finished up a few classes at the MTC on Mom's birthday (Happy Birthday, Mom!) and then drove to Southern Colorado where they spent the night.  The next day, Saturday the 2nd, they finished the final leg of their journey.  By the time they got through the mission office in Albuquerque and down to the town of Socorro, stopped at Walmart for supplies, and then on to their home on the Reservation, it was about 5:00 pm. The two young missionaries, "the Elders", took them to their new home and said, "Need any help? No? Ok, see ya later!" Mom and Dad found a few windows that were broken, the furnace is broken but to make up for it, the stove/oven wouldn't stay off. Dad kept turning it off and would find it a few minutes later going full force. He found the pilot light to always be on and igniting the gas coming through. Talk about recipe for disaster! So luckily, Dad is also known as "McGyver" and figured this out before it caught fire or blew the place to bits. (My own interpretation of what would have happened)  They did get the bed set up and were able to pile on blankets in order to stay warm the last two nights. They also have a little space heater so that helps with the no furnace thing. Evidently, the owner of the home that the previous missionaries stayed at told the mission office that they wanted to raise the rent $50 a month or so.  They gal in the mission office secured another home just down the street and told them that if they fix those things, they'll rent the home. Well, that didn't happen so that is why Mom and Dad are dealing with this.  Last night, February 3rd, I got the following text from Mom.  "Just got back from splits,("splits" see below ) not unpacked and have to speak in sacrament next week. Our house has no heat and stove needs replacing. Other than that, things are great on the Rez." Way to have a good attitude! I just spoke with them as they were headed in to town to get a new water filter and other supplies to make repairs to the windows. Knowing Dad, things will be whipped into shape fairly soon.

"splits" are when two of the regular missionaries go out to do visits with other members of the ward or in this case, other missionaries. This allows them to make twice as many visits but still be compliant with the rule of staying with a companion. The member or other missionary becomes that companion for the evening.

Mom and Dad said that the Branch Mission Leader is really awesome. His name is Collier Nelson and he has been a member of the Church for about 5 years. Before they went on visits last night, they went to his house and he made them fry bread. Yum! The two "young" missionaries that are also serving in the area are Elder Larson from Ogden, UT and Elder Lish from Pocatello, ID.

They also said that they've had a chance to visit about 5 families and they've been so impressed with the strong spirit and the testimonies they've heard so far. They are looking forward to settling in and getting to know these people. They love them already.

Below are several pics from the first few days.

Church Building - The Alamo Branch view from the truck

Brother Collier Nelson - Making fry bread for the new missionaries!

Elder Croft, Brother Collier Nelson, Elder Lish and Elder Larson

Elder Larson making fry bread

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